Praise From Our Clients

I cherish every client, every soul I come into contact with. I am blessed with the gifts and abilities that allow me to help guide them in this life. I am eternally grateful for the kind words and sentiments below.

“I have known Jessica Morris, first personally and then professionally, for 13 years. I have found her to be warm, compassionate, and loving in her interactions with people. As a professional therapist, I have observed her to be a good listener with a calm and centered energy. Jessica cares enough to help her clients grow and learn to trust their intuition. She has a gentle style of communicating which I have personally experienced in several of her guided meditation sessions. Her soft and soothing voice has allowed me to go deeper within myself and accept and value who I am. I highly respect and recommend Jessica Morris as a spiritual guide who supports others in getting in touch with themselves to discover what matters most to them in life.”
Audrey R.
“My reading with Jessica Morris was enlightening, informed, and inspired. As this was my first reading, Jessica prepared me for the process and made me feel at ease. Her style was simultaneously professional and calming. Jessica was able to contact loved ones of mine who have passed on, and to deliver identifying dialogue and messages from them. These communications were delivered in full compassion, and completely without judgement. At the end of our session, I had greater clarity and understanding. I believe that Jessica’s gifts, along with her knowledge of the human psyche, give her a balanced approach to empathic mediumship. “
Niki W.
“I cannot recommend Jessica enough. I have been a person who is all about exploring how I grew up, how things affect me to diving deep. I was frustrated with my last few therapist’s and resigned to thinking it was me. Well one session with Jessica had me knowing I just was with the wrong facilitator to my soul’s journey! Jessica holds this space of non judgement, an empowering cloud of acceptance. In my first session I covered more than I ever have with anyone. Her intuitive instinct got to my root block in life. She phrased things for me in a way that I could apply it immediately. I literally had a perspective and paradigm shift. It’s like someone opened my brain and blew the fog out of it! To top this off I had her read my cards. Her Tarot reading was so spot on! It wasn’t a typical reading though – because she also is a therapist. A mystical Therapist that has woven her intuitive gift with the earth plane bringing the Heavens into the room. Out of body experience !”
Paige J.
“I attended the meditations a couple times now. They are guided meditations and done in a small group setting. I’ve meditated off and on now on my own for a few years. This is the first time I ever attended a group meditation. I found it’s true what other people say about group meditations that they have a sort of synergistic effect on your own meditation. What I like about the meditations most is the journey inside oneself. It is quite a positive experience and has a grounding effect. I highly recommend giving Jessica’s meditations a try.”
Paul F.
“Last month, a friend recommended I go to a guided meditation because I had so much going on and needed answers. I decided to give it a try and absolutely loved Jessica. Her voice was soothing, the meditation was beneficial and I returned again for another meditation last week. I highly recommend you see Jessica for therapy and for her monthly meditations.”
Jen P.