Spiritual Guidance

One of the fundamental principles you will discover as truth for yourself is that you are the creator of your own reality. Regardless of how you might be feeling right now, you have access to unlimited abilities and your soul has a very specific purpose for being here. When you discover your truth, you’ll also discover an abundance of inner resources to permanently dissolve your pain, change your focus, and create the life you were meant to live with a sense of joy, peace and purpose. You will transform with a new awareness of who you really are…and as such emerge with a profound sense of freedom, wholeness and perfection for the life you are creating. It is true; you really are that powerful. As a certified Spiritual Counselor, Jessica offers Spiritual Guidance, Mediumship Readings and Intuitive Guidance Sessions.

Mediumship Readings:

Jessica will connect with your loved ones in spirit and bring forth evidence to validate that they are still with you. Mediumship readings are filled with love and give healing, hope and closure to a client. They are very powerful and client’s often feel lighter and uplifted after a session. Jessica will always attempt to bring forth a specific loved one in spirit, but she can’t guarantee who shows up for your reading. It is all up to spirit. You will always receive what your heart needs to move forward and live more peacefully.
*group/party rates available

Intuitive Guidance Sessions:

Jessica’s readings are always positive but straightforward and are about giving you clarity and focus in areas that come up. She gives you tools to work through the areas in which you feel stuck. You may struggle with knowing your purpose and finding passion in what you are doing each day. Spirituality is individual and the path unique to us all. Allow Jessica to inspire you to move past your limitations and fears and make space for self-love and advocacy. It’s about uncovering your personal power. These readings are about you and your life. They often focus on you finding joy in your path to self-discovery. *packages available

How to Prepare for
Mediumship Readings

Before we begin we set a beautiful intention that those we love in spirit and who you most need to connect with will show up to relay messages for your soul’s best and highest good. Please trust in the process and arrive with an open heart. Trust that you will get exactly the right messages, communication and guidance.